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We are almost closing the company. Trial and error is done. We are ready to sell the patent of the algorithm. I am also searching the job as a performance engineer. :) We are happy. Not for the financial success. We are happy that we have done some magic in database algorithms.( It's far far better than Top 3 database servers). Thanks to everyone for the support!!!
SUPERINDEX DB is using three facilities in one module - RDBMS, NoSQL and File Based database - Modern and fastest database server by using the innovated data-struture named "SuperIndex" - Developed using ILLM (Indian Linguistic Language Module) Language.
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About Us

SuperIndex Database is a scalable, flexible, Superfast database platform designed to overcome all the traditional databases like RDBMS, No SQL and File based databases.

SuperIndex DB meets all the old requirements and provides

all the old database features. In addition to the old requirements, we do have a new data structure named “SUPER INDEX“ which improves the response times of the queries/procedures way high. The existing and traditional Index option is available with SuperIndex DB. In SuperIndex Option, The O(N) is almost 1, even when the number of records in a table are high.

It just helps in Horizontal scaling, vertical scaling, load balancing capabilities. Superindex DB cloud is serving all the cloud-based database services.

  • SuperIndex Database offers free and full editions
  • We provide On-demand training, 100% 24/7 Support, Complete service on any database related activities.
  • In addition to all this, we provide support on database tuning and complete flexible solutions.

Search Response Time comparison RDBMS DAtabases - Without Indexes RDBMS DAtabases - With Indexes SUPERINDEX DB - Without Indexes SUPERINDEX DB - With Indexes SUPERINDEX DB - With SuperIndex
search @ 1 Million Records Rows 5 seconds 2 seconds 5 sceonds 2 seconds 0.5 seconds
search @ 10 Million Records Rows 7 seconds 4 seconds 7 seconds 4 seconds 0.6 seconds
search @ 1 Billion Records Rows 12 seconds 6 seconds 12 seconds 6 seconds 0.7 seconds
search @ 10 Billion Records Rows 16 seconds 8 seconds 16 seconds 8 seconds 0.7 seconds

Product Highlights

Please note that our SuperIndex Client and SuperIndex Drivers are downloadable at anytime. Its free to use.

Trial Editions – Free

We do provide free trial editions to explore SuperIndex. The traditional product is free to download and use. Superindex option also will be available in trial edition with few limitations.

Full Editions

Our secured, reliable cloud is always ready for the full editions. The pricing is affordable. Please refer for full editions.

On premises Installation

Of course, we do provide Superindex Server Installation on your premises. Please contact us for this option.

24/7 Support

The complete support will be provided on 24/7 basis.

Training and Certifications

The complete training will be provided based on the requests. Certification facilities are available.

Tuning and Solving All Database Related Issues

We do provide the complete support on database tuning and solving database issues. Its not limited to only SuperIndex database. Please contact us for details.

Why choose us?

Our query response times are always in top irrelevant of database records. Please compare it with traditional RDBMS Databases. We solve your pain areas in database world.

We always have passion to conduct an R&D (Research and Development) in the database world. We have found a SuperIndex data structure after conducting multiple experiments by keeping your real-time issues in mind.

We are unbounded to this SuperIndex data structure. Please share your pain areas with database world. We always have passion to conduct an R&D ( Research and Development) with your issues/requirements.

Data Structure Solutions

Our data Structures are innovative as compare to the existing traditional data structures. Of course, we don’t leave the existing benefits. We follow them including Binary Tree, Btree+, etc.

Engine Innovations 

We found that our existing world’s engines are not final one. Always there is big room to improve the engines. We have a long-term vision to improve all the engines.

 Performance Monsters 

Performance is a key to improve our next generation and next generation apps. We respect performance in our innovations.






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Do you have any issues related to your existing database? Do you need a high response time, even when your tables are massive in size? Are you looking a service and database product under affordable prices? Do you need someone to solve all your pain areas with software ? We are the one.

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Trial Edition - With SuperIndex Option

Trial With SuperIndex

Trial Edition - With SuperIndex Option

Full Edition - Shared Cloud

Full Edition - Shared Cloud

Full Edition - Shared Cloud

Full Edition-Dedicated Cloud

Full Edition-Dedicated

Full Edition - Dedicated Cloud

Full Edition - On Premises

Full Edition - On Premises

Full Edition - On Premises

Free -Traditional RDBMS

Free -Traditional RDBMS

Free Edition - Traditional RDBMS


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Trial Edition With SuperIndex Options and Traditional Product

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  • Traditional Editions
  • Support System
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Full Edition with Shared Cloud

  • $90/Month/Database Full Edition on SuperIndex Cloud
  • 24/7 Support System
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Full Edition with Dedicated Cloud

  • $400/Month/Database Full Edition
  • on SI Dedicated Cloud
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